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  • Pillars

  • Dinners

  • Floating

  • Tealights

Specialised Shapes

  • Pyramids
  • Balls
  • Eggs
  • and more...


Custom Requests Available:

  • Different diameters & heights

  • Different colour overdipped finishes

  • Different Fragrances


Glassware Candles

  • Whiskey Tumbler glasses filled with fragranced wax

  • Whiskey Tumbler glasses filled with plain white wax

  • Whiskey Tumbler glasses filled with clear gel wax

African Wax Candle in a Can

  • Citronella Candle in a Can - Burning Time 35 hours

ONLINE RETAIL STORE in partnership with B's Art & Crafts

Looking to make your own candles at home, purchases all your candle making supplies from B's Art & Crafts.


Readymade standard candles are also sold to be used for any craft or event.


DIY Candle Making Kits available for beginners.


Any queries made to African Wax with regards to candle making supplies will be redirected to B's Art & Crafts

See some of the items below for purchase:


Types of waxes

  • Decorative Candle Wax Blend

  • Clear Gel Wax


Readymade Candles

  • Pillars Candles

  • Ball Candles

  • Floating Candles


  • Pillar & Square Candle Moulds

  • Oil Soluble Dyes in a range of Colours

  • Cotton Wicks

  • Sustainers

  • Wooden Wicks

  • and more...

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